My World Therapeutics Recreation Services, LLC

Dawn is amazing and has given me the freedom to move and decrease my need for medication." - Sanchez 2016

"We are so happy to find this amazing opportunity for our son. He is now able to swim and be able to enjoy going to swim parties. We tried others, but they didn't understand how our son learns and his sensory processing."- Falen, 2016

 In January 2014 I began training for my first triathlon, St. Anthony's in St. Petersburg Florida triathlon which entails a little over a mile swim, 26.2 mile bike ride, and a little over 6 mile run. Which the story doesn't tell you is I'm a quadriplegic and only have the use of my left arm, I was medically retired from the United States Army in 2006, due to an injury I had in the service and 2002. I never thought I would be able to live my life again let alone do a triathlon requiring swimming and biking and other activities outside my home, but with the help of some great people I was able to accomplish a wonderful goals. I was never swimmer prior to my injury, but thanks to Dawn I became more than just a swimmer I became an athlete. She gave me more than just her time she gave me her dedication, her heart and the will to succeed. It wasn't easy at first I sank to the bottom like a brick, but you could see the wheels turning in Dawn's head trying to come up with Solutions to get my legs and lower trunk above the water so I could swim with just my left arm. We had just about 2 1/2 or so months to train for this event and I was able to use a wet suit and a snorkel, so that did help a little bit with the buoyancy and I think it made a little easier for Dawn. But it didn't make it easier on me because I saw Dawn twice a week and she kept pushing me to make me succeed. I completed that triathlon with glory and fierce competition, but I wasn't done yet and neither was Dawn. Dawn's next task was to get me swimming without a wetsuit and a snorkel, for the Philadelphia wheelchair games so I could bring home the gold medals like I told her I would. She really had to do her homework then, but she was deathly up for the challenge. Me I was a little worried, but with Dawn there I knew I was in good hands. Within weeks she had me Swimming 1000 to 2000 yards a week. By the time August came around and I left for the Philadelphia she said I was ready. I came back with two gold medals in both of my swimming events and it was all because of Dawn's training and knowledge of what she does. The compassion and dedication that she gives each and every time that she trained me was undoubtable from her heart and soul and I couldn't have done it without her. It's people like Dawn who coaches and trains and believes no matter what hurtles whether it's a disability or fear there will always be a solution to conquer it and overcome it's glory.

To ensure an educated community about people with disabilities, we educate each group about the importance of inclusion, adapted recreation and adapted aquatics. Groups will leave our seminars with a bevy of information, tips, and tricks that will put them on the right path.
Moving in the water results in tremendous opportunity for increased health and decreased pain. We take the time to evaluate the unique challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom program of aquatic care can be created.
Adapted Swimming

Aquatic Health & Fitness

It's never too early (or late) to set good aquatic safety in motion. Lessons are designed to meet the physical and developmental needs of the client.  A highly qualified instructor can create a life-long opportunity.

Aquatic therapy opportunities, we offer:

  • Aquatic therapy exercises for low back pain through our Back Hab program
  • Therapeutic swimming  lessons
  • Aquatic fitness sessions
  • Evidenced based balanced program
With our aquatic opportunities, every client gets the attention he or she needs to bring out their best health and ability.